Can I use my phone to add products?

You can use your phone to add products.  These are the steps:

1. Go to on your phone and sign in.  Set up an account if this is your first time.

2. Click on the “+ Add Your Own Products” button.

3. Add your Consignment information if this is the first product you are adding.  Your Consignment information will carry forward to each Product you add.

4. Click on the Add a Product tab. Add the product title and description.

5. Under the Photo option, click on Browse.  Depending on your phone setup, you will be taken to your camera or your photo library.  You can either take some pictures of your product then add them to your product by going to your photo library.  You will also be able to take pictures and they will automatically load to this product.

6. Finishing add the rest of the information and click Save.

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